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Jay's BEST CARD MAGIC features 20 of Jay's most powerful and creative card effects!  

An incredible variety of card magic! Completely self-contained. All sleights and techniques are described in detail! So it's like a CRASH COURSE in 'next level' card magic!

Here are just SOME of the awesome card tricks you'll learn...

CARDIVORES: Jay's famous handling of Walton's 'Cannibal Cards' plot, completely mystifies magicians and laypeople!

GUARANTEED: One of Jay's favorite card effects for the bar. Hilarious presentation + super easy handling!

BELLY OF THE BEAST: An impromptu, 2-phase mind-bender!

ONE OF ONE: A wild amount of magic in one short super visual effect!

HOTLINK: One of the most 'romantic card routines' in the free world! A drawing of two hearts comes to life + a killer souvenir!

FORGERY: An 'early Sankey' card effects that started all the buzz! The definition of VISUAL CARD MAGIC!

HEALER: One of Jay's favorite torn and restored card handlings!

TRACKING DEVICE: One of the Jay's most commercial card routines ever! A button vanishes and appears SEWN to the selected card!

OUTSIDER: A flashy, very creative color change handling that breaks all the rules!

SELECTIVE MEMORY: Using his ingenious variation on Garcia's 'Topper' move, Jay creates an especially SWEET 4 card change handling!

MIX MASTER: Jay's famous 'underground' color changing deck routine! Total FOOLER!

THE BLACKPOOL EFFECT: A devastating combination of mentalism and magic! Super easy yet LETHAL!

Running Time: 140 minutes

"Awesome project. Four stars."-Philip Eton

"Outsider is an absolutely ground-breaking approach to the color changing deck."-Richard Barrington 

"I learn many of my all-time favorite card tricks on this project."-Luke Dyson

"No wonder Jay's trick Forgery is considered a modern classic. It's that good."-Tim Chin

"One of the most amazing collections of card tricks ever."-Patrick Crowson

"Blackpool Effect is worth the price of the entire collection."-Tony Smythe  

"After the first 4 or 5 tricks I had to stop watching and give my brain a break. So much great magic!"-Kort Byrons

"'One of One' is more than just another card trick. It's a wonderfully visual magic experience plus a fantastic souvenir all rolled together."-Frank Jalas

"I probably own 15 different card magic collections. Jay's is one of the best."-Darrel Thomas

"I love the variety of the tricks. Jay's imagination and cleverness is amazing. And the tricks are also really practical."-Henry Weston