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You'll love astounding people with this shocking new twist on a classic coin magic trick.

Both coins can be closely examined, before, after and even DURING this startling illusion.

No difficult sleight-of-hand!

On the detailed 20-minute tutorial video, you'll learn a variety of handlings, including how to perform this insane trick with a quarter - marked by a spectator!

Comes complete with custom-made gimmick in US currency + detailed tutorial video.

Each of these gimmicks is hand-made by master magic maker Roy Kueppers.

"Jay has put a lot of time intot the THINKING behind this trick and it really pays off. New favorite trick for sure!"-Dylan Olles

"I used to perform the typical bent coin trick, but Warped gets much stronger reactions."-Alix Landerson

"Warped is definitely a next level coin trick. People go NUTS."-Simon Brunton

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