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Perform shocking magic with one of the world's most COMMON items!

*Easy to do!
*Instantly resets!
*The custom card can be closely examined!
*Special card is virtually indestructible. Designed for countless performances!

'Plastic Surgery' appears to be a totally impromptu trick! Perfect for those unplanned performances.

And the incredible magic happens - IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HANDS.

Comes complete with custom-manufactured card + 45 MINUTE tutorial video with an awesome variety of handlings and presentations.

On the tutorial, Jay even reveals a brilliant method involving absolutely NO secret palming or sleight-of-hand!

SPECIAL BONUS: Jay also teaches you his mind-blowing 'Borrowed Credit Card Through Table' trick!

Be ready the next time someone asks, "CAN YOU SHOW ME A TRICK?"

"I've been blowing people away with this trick all week."-Martin Keigle

"Plastic Surgery is an absolute 'go to' trick for me."-Henry Wang

"When they open their hands, people suddenly believe in MAGIC. I love this one!"-Mike McGraw 

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