'Open House' a Huge Success!

Posted on January 27, 2014 by Jay Sankey

It's been almost a full year since I launched the InsideDeception magic + mentalism training site and I couldn't be happier with the results. My goal was to create an especially friendly and welcoming learning resource for people of all ages interested in the art + science of deception, and thanks to an amazing collection of passionate members the site has become extremely popular.

One of the big goals was to maintain an extremely high 'information standard' when it comes to posted comments. We've all visited chat rooms and forums where you have to wade through dozens of pages of 'chit chat' and poorly-written personal opinions in order to find a 'golden nugget of practical + valuable information.'

But on the InsideDeception training site, members are encouraged to 'think before you post' and only add a comment to a video if they feel it is of sincere value. So every single video on the site (there are over 250 to date!) features many comments about handlings, routining, presentation, etc. Which means there is information of real value on every page.

And we're lucky enough to have many full-time, professional performers as members, so you can image the 'real world quality' of many of the posted comments. 

After almost a year of hard work, this past weekend we held our first ever 'OPEN HOUSE' on the InsideDeception website and the results were truly humbling. Hundreds of 'deception fans' visited the site and watched many of the exclusive training videos on the 'Student' level as our free guests.

Since then we've been getting a stream of rave reviews and many new magic enthusiasts have joined as fresh members.

You gotta love it when a 'passion project' becomes a popular destination.

Feeling very lucky,


PS. Here's the link to the training site. Click on the 'Free Trial' tab to watch 4 free training videos.