Happy Holidays Gang!

Posted on November 27, 2013 by Jay Sankey

Wow. What a crazy time of year! I'm swamped with live shows, creative meetings, in-studio tapings, posting new content + staying in touch with members on my InsideDeception training site, attending school stuff with Maddy and Mason, and trying my best to hit a few 'date nights' with my awesome wife Lisa. 

And on top of all that, launching this new product site AND trying to get my butt to the gym. And even without the use of my 'psychic powers' something tells me you are probably just as busy as well.

I love this time of year (especially as the snow starts to appear on the streets of Toronto) but it can be more than a little overwhelming if you don't pace yourself and take time to recharge those 'emotional batteries.'

Thanks so much for stopping by this new site. It is a BIG improvement over the 'old one,' but we are still trying to work out a few kinks. So please, if you spot anything a little strange, don't hesitate to use the CONTACT form and give us a heads up.

From all of us at Sankey Magic, happy holidays! 

Wearing pajamas as I type these words,