"I absolutely love STUCK. Natural prop. Fits in my pocket. Strong as hell. Not to mention the bazillion lighter tricks I can combine with this. I always carry a lighter when I perform. Now I'll always carry STUCK."-Nathan Kranzo

"I perform a weekly TV segment on our local station. We just taped this week's segment and I performed "Stuck."  A better response, I could not have got. So simple and yet huge bang for the buck!!"-Buzz Collins

Includes TWO of the custom-printed lighters for ONLY $14.95!

'STUCK' squeezes the maximum amount of magic out of Jay's original 'pre-torn corner' principle he first taught in his book 'SANKEY PANKEY' released in the 1980's.

This same diabolical principle is now used by magicians all over the planet, including David Blaine.

But under professional working conditions, where is the best place to have the torn corner REAPPEAR? And how can you make it seem as magical as possible?

'Stuck' combines the pre-torn corner idea, with a lethal, VISUAL illusion, to create an absolutely inexplicable moment of magic. Jay also developed the effect to dramatically reduce people asking, "Can you put the corner back on the card?"

*Perform 'Stuck' with ANY BRAND of playing cards. Easy to Do. Instantly Resets. Perform at ANY time during your show. Supremely practical.

*Wonderfully versatile. The magic can happen in your own hands, the spectator's hands, inside a borrowed dollar bill, a paper napkin, the card case and more.

*Features the world's most convincing false tear AND the world's easiest Second Deal.

*Comes complete with custom-printed Bic brand lighter + full-length video tutorial, featuring several different handlings and effects.

*Includes the jaw-dropping 'STUCK TRANSFORMATION' with a 100% freely selected and SIGNED card!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link to the exclusive instructional video will be emailed to you within 48 hours. (Please check your spam/ junk folder in case our email is 'stuck' there.)

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