"This gimmick is as great as a thumb tip. SLYDER is so good that I'm surprised you didn't keep it for yourself!"-Damian the Magician

"Jay really outdid himself on this one, the possibilities are endless"-John Byng

"I never knew a paperclip could be so deceptive. Flipping awesome."-Beau Cremer

"I've never been so excited over a prop!! This gimmick rocks."-Lucas O'dell

'JUMBO SLYDER' is extremely EASY to use! Includes TWO jumbo clips + comprehensive 22-page companion booklet (complete with photos) featuring 25 EFFECTS!

Jay reveals EVERYTHING about preparing the gimmick, different handling styles, carrying the clip, and working with borrowed objects.

And as an added bonus, Jay shares invaluable comments on the psychology of mentalism, predictions vs. 'influences' and more!

'SLYDER' is a lethal combination of total control + absolutely FREE choices.

Many of the exceptional 'SLYDER' mentalism effects require NO sleight-of-hand whatsoever!

Type: Magic Gimmick

Vendor: Sankey Magic

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