Cause someone to forget a thought just my SNAPPING YOUR FINGERS!

Jay published his original 'Thought Thief' effect over 25 years ago. Then he took the idea to 'the next level' with Memory Lapse (on his '22 Blows to the Head' DVD.)

But now, with 'MEMORY RELAPSE' this mind-bending effect is even easier to do, it never misses, and you can hand out everything to be examined.

Comes complete with envelopes and the special gimmicks, plus an instructional video.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link to the exclusive instructional video will be emailed to you within 48 hours. (Please check your spam/ junk folder in case our email is 'stuck' there.)

"This trick is ridiculously sneaky."-Rick Tallo

"The very first time I performed Memory Relapse I got the best reaction to any trick I've ever tried. CRAZY. Thanks so much."-Alex Pepper 

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