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The new and improved gimmicks work with most STANDARD designs of window envelopes available all over the world!   

Almost ANY small item, impossibly appears inside a SEALED envelope -while it's trapped inside a SEALED BAG!

Which means, if you perform close-up, you can use a SMALL envelope with a small window. Or for stand-up or even stage performances, you can use a LARGE envelope with a bigger window for greater visual impact!

* Requires only BASIC sleight-of-hand.

* No awkward 'slides,' rubber cement, or secret tears are involved.

'INSIDER' is the next step in the evolution of 'impossible location' effects featuring a whole new world of extraordinary magic and mentalism with a wonderfully ORDINARY object: a window envelope.

Cause playing cards, written predictions, dollar bills, business cards, photographs, paper napkins, baseball cards, book pages, letters, file cards and even a SIGNED PLAYING CARD to visually appear, vanish and transform inside a legitimately SEALED envelope!

The SPECTATOR even opens the envelope and removes the object.

Give away the envelope as a killer souvenir OR use the SAME ENVELOPE again and again for many performances.

Perfect for street magicians, stand-up performers, mentalists and even birthday party magicians.

ADDED BONUS! Jay shares his 'MARKED BILL CONVINCER' for the first time ever. Unlimited applications for magicians and mentalists.


SIGNED: A Holy Grail of magic. A myth made real. A freely selected and SIGNED playing card visually appears inside a legitimately SEALED envelope! Hand out the envelope as an IMPOSSIBLE souvenir with the signed card STILL INSIDE!

INCREMENTALAn astounding 3-phase mentalism routine involving a correct prediction and a torn corner, with the prediction suddenly vanishing and visually appearing inside the sealed envelope!

OUTER LAYER: The 'jewel in the Insider crown.' Any small object (selected card, borrowed bill, etc) visually appears inside the sealed envelope while the envelope is trapped inside an ORDINARY clear plastic baggie!

WANDERERAfter closely examining the envelope, a spectator licks the flap and seals it shut. The spectator then sticks an ordinary postage stamp any where they want on the back of the sealed envelope. The stamp then mysteriously melts INSIDE the sealed envelope (the audience sees it happen through the window) and the envelope is immediately handed out for close examination. Truly surreal.

FAMILY REUNION: A card is selected from the pack. A moment later, the three other ‘mates’ to the selected card visually appear, trapped inside the sealed envelope.

WORLD BANK: Out of all the countries in the world, one country is chosen by a spectator in an especially fair fashion. With just a wave of his hand, the magician causes a bank note FROM THE SAME COUNTRY to appear inside the sealed envelope in eye-bursting fashion. Featuring Jay's brilliant 'Punch Drunk Force,' this routine is a mind-bending combination of magic and mentalism.

FOTO: The spectator selects a card and the magician holds it up for the spectator to see. Then while the spectator concentrates on the image of the magician holding up the card, a color photograph of that exact same image 'magically arrives' inside the sealed envelope. A mind-blowing effect complete with an awesome souvenir.

KID STUFF: Jay shares the secrets to using 'INSIDER' at your next children’s party, complete with a great gift for the birthday boy or girl!

COCOON: After a corner is torn from a business card, and held by a spectator for safekeeping, the torn card is found inside a sealed pay envelope that impossibly appears inside the window envelope! (Think of it as a widly VISUAL 'nest of boxes' routine!)

UNBOUNDED: This exceptional combination of mentalism and magic makes for a perfect 'closer.' A selected page from a magazine or paperback novel mysteriously disappears from the book and visually appears inside the sealed envelope. Both the book and the envelope can be examined by a forensic scientist.

"Insider is super magical!"-Mark Tandy

"Jay really outdid himself with all the tricks on the DVD. Awesome stuff!"-Gary Chang

"I've performed Insider close-up and on stage, and it always rocks 'em."-Miles Welton

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