SO easy to do! The magic happens in the SPECTATOR'S own hands and everything can be examined!

An ingenious combination of easy sleight-of-hand and very clever thinking! Includes a set of 4 specially machined metal washers + a detailed instructional video.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link to the exclusive instructional video will be emailed to you within 48 hours. (Please check your spam/ junk folder in case our email is 'stuck' there.)

"This is a WONDERFUL trick. It's visual, portable, and great for beginners. I LOVE this trick!!!"-Reggie Brown

"GREAT effect. If you're new to magic, this simple handling is great. The gimmicks are top-notch and will last a lifetime."-Robert Wells

"As always, great handling by Jay. Doesn't miss anything needed to perform this. Highly recommended."-Stacy Oliva

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